Eat Healthy

Access to healthy food choices can help build a foundation for a healthier lifestyle.

Move Healthy

Safe opportunities for physical activity and exercise can boost your day-to-day routine.

Live Healthy

Healthy places to live, work, learn and play will help make the healthy choice the easy choice.


Get started with a healthier lifestyle with these interactive resources.

Communities working together to help make LA County a healthier
and more satisfying place to live, work, learn and play.

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    Turn off the TV, tablet & set your phone on the nightstand at least an hour before going to sleep. You may have a more restful sleep!

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    A 5-10% reduction in weight improves blood pressure & lowers cholesterol. Just three 10 min. spurts of exercise 5 days a week can help

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    Joining a #diabetes education groups teaches how to better manage & reduce your risk of complications. Find a group:

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    Nice weather this weekend, switch it up by biking, strolling or jogging around the beach or local park. More ideas:

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    Before handing that sports drink to your child, press play, you may be shocked with what you learn.

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Learn more about healthy eating, moving and living in LA County by watching these videos.

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